Location: BSMT, 3411 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 | Hours: Wed-Sun: 11AM–4:30PM, Mon-Tue: Closed

| Phone: (773) 342-6205

***FGC Update 07-05-2020***

Hello Geeks,

It is with much excitement that we are glad to announce the re-opening of the FGC space! Starting Wednesday, July 8th our storefront and laptop room will be operating from 11am to 4:30pm. Our open days will remain the same (Wednesday to Sunday). We will only be open for customer only.

We are still evaluating what the guidelines will be for the reopening of our volunteer program.

In the meantime, when you visit the FreeGeek space we kindly ask you to follow the following rules:

1. Please maintain your distance from other customers as much as possible. Ideally this

would mean 6 feet of space.

2. When at the FreeGeek Chicago space you MUST wear face coverings at ALL times.

Facial coverings must cover your noses and mouths. If you do not adhere, you will be

ask to leave the space and/or denied entry.

3. We have hand sanitizing stations and bathrooms available. We kindly ask that you

sanitize your hands when entering the FGC space.

4. If you are not feeling well, we ask you for the safety of staff, volunteers and other

customers to visit the space another time.

5. For health concerns, we are only allowing 3 customers at any time in the storefront.

6. Only 1 customer allowed in the laptop room at all times.

There will be no orientation, open build or any other events until further notice. Finally, we will be accepting donations on Fridays and Sundays ONLY.

We hope that with the implementation of these procedures and guidelines we will be able to safely re-open the space. We ask you for your patience and support as we are all trying to navigate this new normal. If there are any changes, we will be updating our website and socials with the new information.

Stay safe geeks!

-The FGC Team


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