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| Phone: (773) 342-6205

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*Highlight of the Week* - SOLD!

***Highlight of the Week***

Lenovo Thinkpad T530

Core i7-3520m @ 2.9 GHz,

16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

Windows 10 Installed

WiFi, SD card slot, Bluetooth, webcam, backlit keyboard

Nvidia NVS 5400m


FreeGeek Chicago’s - Letter from the Manager!

Thanks for Choosing, FreeGeek Chicago!

Hey everyone,

Let me start off by once again saying, “Thank you!”. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by or called just to say hi. Thank you to all of those who called to say you are thinking of me and our FGC family. Thank you to those who have come in to make purchases. Thank you to those who have never been to FGC before but decided to stop and check us out. I can go on and on. However, I digress.

Like so many of you, I too am taking life one day at a time. With so much uncertainty in the world today, I can utterly understand the stresses and strains of everyday life. One thing is for certain, you have made it through another day.

There is no doubt that we are all living in uncertain times. However, my belief is we all must continue to move forward the best we know how. Normal, as we know it may not look the same. But at least now, we get to create a new sense of normalcy – regardless of what that may look like for each of us.

Moving forward, I would like to give you 5 things that I’m reflecting on for the month of September. You’re invited to join me if you wish:

1. What or who matters most to you and let them know that they matter in your life.

2. What are you most grateful for?

3. Love yourself a little bit more today. We are all doing the best we can. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

4. Take some time to smile and laugh a bit. Watch a funny movie, or cartoon, or even a comedy show you have not seen in a while. Anything to take your heart to a more comfortable place.

5. Finally, breathe. Just breathe. Stop, relax your shoulders, and just breathe.

Think about these questions a bit and realign your focus.

Once again, thank you all so very much – for everything! Please continue to check our site at https://freegeekchicago.org and any of our social media pages. Also, feel free to drop a line or any questions or concerns you may have at freegeek@freegeekchicago.org.

Peace & blessings to each of you.


FGC – Operations Manager

***FGC Update 09-12-2020***

Greetings all,

Thank you, once again, to our fantastic customers who continue to show us just how much they support us. For without you, we wouldn't be here to do what we do best.

As of now, no new changes to our scheduling or volunteer information.

Our business hours are, Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 am to 4:30 pm. We're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our donations hours are Fridays AND Sundays ONLY, 11 am to 4:30 pm.

In the meantime, when you visit the FreeGeek space we kindly ask you to follow the following rules:

1. Please continue to maintain at least 6' of social distancing.

2. When at the FreeGeek Chicago space, you MUST wear face coverings at ALL times.

Facial coverings must cover your noses and mouths. If you do not adhere, you will be

ask to leave the space and/or denied entry.

3. We have hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing stations available. We kindly ask that you

sanitize your hands when entering the FGC space.

4. If you are not feeling well, we ask for the safety of our staff, and other

customers, that you visit the space another time.

5. For health concerns, we are only allowing 3 customers at a time in the storefront.

6. Only 1 customer allowed in the laptop room at a times.

We ask you for your patience and support as we are all trying to navigate this new normal. If there are any changes, we will be updating our website and social media pages with the new information.

Stay safe everyone, and all the best to each of you.


-The FGC Team


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Desktop hard drives are securely wiped using Secure Erase / Nwipe software. if your hard drive can not be wiped, we send to our recycler to wipe or destroy for us. We can also destroy your hard drives while you watch! There's a $10 service charge per hard drive to crush. A receipt will be given upon request.

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