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FreeGeek News

FreeGeek is a 501(c)(3)!

by Taylor Hales

The big news around is that FreeGeek Chicago is now a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization! FreeGeek staff has been working on this for a while, and it's a big step forward for us.

Still Geeking

by Taylor Hales

Today we restored our network and Internet access. We thought we'd celebrate by posting a long-overdue update.

FreeGeek Chicago introductory video created by DDB

by David Eads
A group of marketing interns from DDB helped FreeGeek develop some marketing materials and ideas for a marketing campaign this summer. The centerpiece is a lovely video...

FreeGeek Chicago recycles a ton of stuff...

by Jacob Roufa

.. actually it was two tons!

Enough With the Holiday Cheer... Back to Work!

by Ben Buckley

So when we last left our valiant heroes at FreeGeek, they were struggling with unreliable and overloaded electrical circuits, a network cable callously cut during a bathroom renovation, and a dwindling stock of computers upon which to work their dusty magic. What's become of them, you ask? Read on!

March 13th meeting notes

by David Eads

FreeGeek Chicago held a public meeting on March 13th. These notes were taken by Jim Campbell, and edited for content and style by David Eads.

FreeGeek Chicago will be closed the month of April

by David Eads

After serious discussion, we have decided to close FreeGeek Chicago's public programs during the month of April to regroup, reorganize, and build some new capacity. In the coming weeks, we'll be planning some public meetings to discuss what will happen during this time.